Untold Stories
Si sciret paterfamilias qua hora fur uenturus esset; vigilaret utique et non sineret perfodi domum suam. Ure lauerd i ■;e godspel teache­; us ■;urh abisne. hu we ahen wearliche to biwiten us seoluen wi­; ■;e unwiht of helle. ant wi­; his wrenches*. [MS. wern|ches.]. ?;ef ■;es lauerd*. [■;e huse|bonde.] wiste he sei­;. hwenne ant hwuch*. [i hwuch.] time. ■;e ■;eof walde cume to his hus; he walde wakien. ne nalde he nawt ■;olien ■;e ■;eof forte breoken hire. ■;is hus ■;e ure lauer­; speke­; of; is seolf ■;e mon inwi­; ■;e monnes wit. I ■;is hus. is ■;e huse lauerd. ant te fulitohe wif; mei beon wil ihaten. ■;at ga ■;e hus efter hire; ha diht hit al to wundre. bute wit ase lauerd chasti hire ■;e betere. ant bi neome hire muchel of*. [ofte of.] ■;at ha walde. ant tah walde al hire hird folhin hire ouer al; gef wit ne forbude ham. for alle hit*. [ha.] beo­; untohene. ant rechelese hinen; bute ?;ef he ham rihte. Ant hwucche beo­; ■;eos hinen; Summe beo­; wi­; vten. ant summe wi­; in nen. ■;eo*. [■;eos.] wi­; vten beo­;. ■;e monnes fif wittes. Sih­;e. ant herunge. smechunge. ant smeallunge. ant euch limes felunge. ■;eos beo­; hinen vnder wit. as under huse lauerd. ant hwer. se he is ?;emeles; nis hare nan ■;e ne feare­; ofte untoheliche. ant gulte­; ilome. o­;er ifol semblant; oder in vuel dede. In wi­; beo­; his hinen. in se moni mislich ■;onc to cwemen wel ■;e husewif; a?;ein godes wille. ant swerie­; somet rea­;liche. ■;at efter hire hit schal [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 76b] gan. ■;ah we hit ne here nawt; we*. [omitted.] mahen ifelen*. [MS. i■;■;len.] hare nurh­;*. [nur­;.]. ant hare untohe bere. a ■;et hit*. [wit.] cume for­;. ant ba wi­; eie. ant wi­; luue tuhte ham ■;e betere. Ne bi­; neauer his hus for ■;eos hinen wel iwist. for hwon ■;at he slepe. o­;er ohwider*. [ohwider fare.] from hame. ■;at is hwen mon for?;et his wit. ant let ham iwur­;en. ah ne bihoue­; hit nawt. ■;at tis hus beo irobbet. for ■;er is inne ■;e tre[sur] ■;at godd ?;ef him seolf fore. ■;at is monnes sawle. forte breoke ■;is hus efter ■;is tresor. ■;at godd bohte mid his dea­;. ant lette lif o rode; is moni ■;eof a buten ba bi dei ant bi niht. vnseheliche gasttes wi­; alle unwreaste ■;eawes. ant a?;ein euch god ■;eaw. ■;e biwite­; i■;is hus godes deore castel*. [chatel.]. vnder wittes wissunge ■;at is huse lauerd. is eauer hire un■;eaw forte sechen in ?;ong abute ■;e wahes to a mur­;rin hire ■;rinne. ■;at heaued ■;rof is ■;e feont. ■;e meistre­; ham alle a?;eines him ant his keis. ■;e husebonde ■;at is wit. warne­; his hus ■;us. vre lauerd haue­; ileanett him froure*. [fowre.] of his dehtren. ■;at beo­; to vnderstonden ■;e fowr heaued ■;eawes. ■;e earste is warschipe icleopet. ant te o■;er is ihaten gastelich streng­;e. ant te ■;ridde is mea­;. rihtwisnesse ■;e feor­;e. Wit ■;e husbonde godes cunestable cleope­; war [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 77a] schipe for­;. ant maki­; hire durewart. ■;e war|liche loki hwam ha leote in ant ut. ant of feor bihalde alle ■;e cuminde. hwuch beo wur­;e in?;ong to habben; o­;er beon bistek|en ■;rute. Streng­;e stont nest hire. ■;at ?;ef ei wule in; war|schipes*. [omitted.] vn ■;onkes. warni streng­;e fore. ■;at is hire suster; ant heo hit ut warpe. ■;e ■;ridde suster ■;at is mea­;. hire he make­; meistre ouer his willesfule hir­;*. [hinen.] ■;at we ear of speken. ■;at ha leare ham mete*. [me ­;e.]. ■;at me*. [omitted.] meosure hat. ■;e middel of twa uueles*. [■;ing.]. for ■;at is ■;eaw in euch stude ant tuht forte halden. ant hate­; ham alle ■;at nan of ham a?;ein hire; nohwer wid vnmeo­;; ne ga ouer mete. ■;e feor­;e suster rihtwisnesse. sit on hest as deme*. [demere.]. ant beate­; ■;eo ■;e a?;ulte­;. ant crune­; ■;eo ■;e wel do­;. ant deme­; euchan his dom efter his rihte. for dret*. [dred.] of hire nime­; his*. [■;is.] hir­; euch*. [omitted.] efter ■;at he is warde to*. [omitted.] witene*. [omitted.]. ■;e ehnen hare. ■;e mu­; his. ■;e earen hare. ■;e hondon hare. ant euch*. [euchan.] alswa*. [al swa as.] of ■;e o■;re wit*. [wi­; ■; wit.] ■;at onont him ne schal nan un-■;eaw cumen iN. As ■;is is ido ■;us. ant is al stille ■;rinne; warschipe ■;at ß;ß; is waker is offearet lest sum for truste him. ant feole o slepe. ant for?;eme his warde. ant send ham. in a sonde. ■;at ha wel cnawe­;. of feorren icumen. forte offearen ■;eo ■;e beo­; [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 77b] ouer hardi. ant ■;eo ■;e ?;eme|lese beo­;; halden ham wakere. he is underuon in. ant swi­;e bihalden of ham alle. for lonc he is. ant leane*. [feier has been erased before leane.]. ant his leor dea­;lich. ant blac ant elheowet. ant euch her ■;unche­; ■;at stont in his heaued up*. [euh er in his heauet ■;unche­; ■;at stont up.]; warschipe hat him tellen*. [to telle.] biuoren*. [biuoren ham.] hwet he beo ant hweonene he comme ant hwet he ■;er seche. Ne mei ich he sei­;. nohwer speoken. bute ich habbe god lust; lustni­; me ■;enne. fearlac ich hatte. ant am dea­;es sonde. ant dea­;es munegunge ant am icumen biuore hire to warnin ow of hire cume. warschipe ■;at best con bisetten hire wordes. ant ec hire werkes; speke­; for ham alle. ant freine­; hweonene he cume. ant hwuch hird ha leade. fearlac hire ontswere­;. Ich nat nawt ■;e time; for ha ne seide hit me nawt ah eauer loki­; hwenne. for hire wune is to cumen bi stale ferliche ant un|mundlunge hwen me least wene­;. of hire hird ■;at tu easkest Ich ■;e ondswerie. ha lihte­; hwer se ha eauer kime­; wi­; a ■;usent deoflen. ant euch an bere­; a gret boc al of sunnen iwriten wi­; swarte smeale leattres. ant an unrude raketehe gled read of fure. forte binden ant to drahen in to in warde helle. hwuch se he mei preoouin ■;urh his boc ■;at is on euch sunne enbre [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 78a] uedt*. [ibreuet.]. ■;at he wi­; wil. o­;er wi­; word. o­;er wi­; werc. wrahtte in al his lif si­;e. bute ■;at he haue­; i-bet ear■;on wi­; so­; schrift. ant wi­;*. [o­;er.] deadbote. ant warschipe hire easke­;. Hweonene*. [hweonne.] cumest tu*. [MS. to.] fearlac dea­;es*. [■;u dea­;es.] munegunge. Ich cume he sei­; of helle. Of helle ha sei­; warschipe. ant hauest tu isehen helle; ?;e sei­; fearlac witerliche. ofte. ant ilome. Nu sei­; ■;enne warschipe for ■;i trow­;e treoweliche tele us hwuch is helle. ant hwet tu hauest isehen ■;rin. ant ich he sei­; fearlac omi trew­;e blu­;eliche. nawt tah efter ■;at hit is. for ■;at ne mei na tunge tellen*. [omitted.]. ah efter ■;at ich mei ant con; ■;er towart ich chulle readien*. [rodien.]. Helle is [wid] wi­; ute met. ant deop wi­; ute grunde. ful of brune uneuenlich*. [unwerilich.]. for ne mei nan eor­;lich fur euenin ■;er towart. ful of stench un■;ole|lich. for ne mahte in eor­;e na cwic ■;inge hit ■;olien. ful of sorhe untalelich. for ne mei na mu­; for wrecchedom ne for wa; rikenin hit*. [omitted.] ne tellen. Se*. [so.] ■;icke is ■;rinne ■;e ■;osternesse; ■;at me*. [omitted.] hire mei grapin. for ■;at fur. ne ?;eue­; na liht. ah blent ham ■;e ehnen. ■;e ■;er beo­; wi­; a smor­;rinde smoke smeche forcu­;est. ant tah i■;at ilke swarte ■;eosternesse swarte ■;inges ha iseo­; as deoflen ■;at ham mealli­; ant derue­; ß;ß; ant drecche­; wi­; alles cunnes pinen. ant iteilede draken grisliche ase*. [as ■;e.] deoflen ■;e forswolhe­; ham ihal. ant speowe­; ham [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 78b] eft ut biuoren ant bihinden. o­;er hwile torende­; ham ant to cheowe­; ham euch greot. ant heo eft iwur­;e­; hal. to a swuch bale bute bote. as ha ear weren. ant ful wel ha i seo­; ham to grisle ant to grure. ant to echen hare pine. ■;e la­;e helle wurmes. tadden ant froggen. ■;e freote­; ham ut te ehnen. ant te nease. gristles. ant snike­; in. ant ut neddren. ant eauraskes*. [eaureskes.]. nawt ilich ■;eose her; ah*. [an.] hundret si­;e grisluker et mu­;. ant et earen. ed ehnen. ant ed neauele. ant ed te breoste holke as mea­;en*. [me de­;.] iforrotet flesch eauergete ■;ickest. ■;er is remunge*. [MS. ren|ninge.] i■;e brune. ant to­;es hechelunge i■;e snawi weattres. ferliche ha flutte­; from ■;e heate; in*. [omitted.] to ■;e chele. Ne*. [omitted.] neauer nuten ha of ■;eos twa; hwe­;er ham ■;unche­; wurse. for ei­;er is un■;olelich. ant i■;is ferliche mong ■;e leatere ■;urh ■;e earre derue­; ■;e mare. ■;at fur ham forbearne­; al to colen calde. ■;at pich ham forwalle­; a­;et ha beon for mealte. ant eft acwikie­;*. [acwick|ene­;.] anan to drehen al ■;at ilke; ant muchedeale wurse ß; wi­; uten ende. Ant tis ilke unhope is ham meast pine. ■;at nan naue­; neauer mare hope*. [omitted.] of*. [omitted.] nan a couerunge. Ah*. [ah aa.] aren sikere of euch uuel to ■;urh leasten iwa from world in to worlde ß;ß; on echnesse. Euch a■;rusme­; o­;er. ant euch is o­;res pine. Ant euchan heate­; o­;er. ant him seoluen as [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 79a] ■;e blake deouel. ant eauer se ha i ■;is world luueden ham mare; se ha ■;er heatie­; ham swi­;ere. ant ei­;er curse­; o­;er. ant fret of ■;e o­;res earen*. [oderes earm. earen.]. ant te*. [omitted.] nease alswa. Ich habbe bigunne to*. [forto.] tellen of ■;ing ■;at ich ne mahte nawt bringe to eni ende. ■;ah ich hefde a ■;usent tungen of stele ant talde a­;et ha weren alle forwerede. Ah ■;enche­; nu her*. [hwer.] ■;urh hwuch ■;e measte pine beo; for ■;e leaste pine is se heard ■;at hefde a mon i slein ba mi feader. ant mi moder ant al ■;e*. [omitted.] ende of*. [omitted.] mi cun. ant i do me seoluen al ■;e scheome ant te hearm ■;at cwic mon mahte ■;olien. ant ich isehe ■;es mon i ■;e ilke*. [omitted.] leaste pine. ■;at ich*. [omitted.] iseh in helle; Ich walde ?;ef hit mahte beon. ■;olien a ■;usent dea­;es to a rudden him ut ■;rof. swa is ■;e sih­;e grislich ant reow­;ful to bihalden. for*. [omitted.] ■;ah neauer nere nan o­;er pine bute to i seon eauer ■;e unseli gastes. ant hare grisliche schape. biseon on hare grimfule. ant grurefule nebbes. ant heren hare rarunge. ant hu ha wi­; hokeres edwite­; ant up breide­; euch an his sunnen. ■;is*. [wi­;.] schen­;lac ant te grure of ham were unimete pine; ant hure ■;olien ant a beoren hare unirude*. [unrude.] duntes wi­; mealles istelet. ant wi­; hare eawles gled reade hare dustlunges. as ■;ah hit were a pilche clut euchan towart o­;er imisliche pinen. O helle dea­;es hus. wununge of wanunge. of grure ant of granunge. heatel [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 79b] ham. ant heard wan. of alle wontrea­;es. buri of bale. ant bold of eauer euch bitternesse*. [bold eauer euch bitter|nesse is of.]. ■;u la­;est lont of alle. ■;u dorc stude ifullet of alle dreorinesses. Ich cwakie of grisle*. [grissen.]. ant of grure. ant euch ban schoke­;*. [sorhe­;.] me. ant euch her me rue­;*. [rune­; (or ruue­;).] up of*. [for.] ■;i munegunge. for nis ■;er na steuene bituhhe ■;e fordemde bute wumme. ant wa is me. and wa beo ■;e. ant wa beo ■;e. wa ha ?;eie­;. ant wa ha habbe­; ne of al ■;at eauer wa is; ne schal ham neauer wontin. ■;e swuch wununge of earne­;. for ei hwilinde blisse her o ■;isse worlde; wel were him ?;ef*. [omitted.] ■;at he neauer ibore nere. bi ■;is ?;e mahen sumdel witen hwuch is helle. for i wis ich habbe ■;rin isehen a ■;usent si­;e wurse. ant from ■;eonne kime­; dea­; wi­; a ■;usent deoflen hiderwart as ich seide. ant ich*. [omitted.] com ■;us quo­; fearlac forte warnin ow fore; ant tellen ow ■;eos*. [o is blotted or erased.] tidinges. Nv lauerd godd quo­; warschipe wardi us ant werie. ant rihte us. ant reade hwet us beo to donne. ant we beon ■;e*. [omitted.] warre ant wakere to witen us on euch half under godes wengen. ?;ef we wel werie­; ant wite­; ure hus ant godes deore tresor ■;at he haue­; bitaht us; cume dea­; hwen he wule*. [ha eauer wule.] Ne ■;urue we now­;er beon of dred for hire. ne for helle. for ure dea­; bi­; deore godd ant in-?;ong in to heouene. of ■;eos fikelinde world; ne of hire false*. [fahe.] blisse: ne neome we neauer ?;eme. for al ■;at is on eor­;e. nis bute as a schadewe; for al wur­;e­;*. [wurche­;.] [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 80a] to noht bute ■;at deore tresor godes deorewur­;e feh ■;at is us. bitaht to witene. Ich habbe ■;eruore sar care for ich iseo sei­; warschipe hu ■;e unwhiht wi­; his ferd ase liun iburst. ?;ea­;*. [ge­;.] abuten ure hus sechinde*. [sechinde in ?;ong.] ?;eorn|liche hu he hit forswolhe. ant tis ich mei sei­; warschipe warnin ow of his la­; ant for his wrenches. ah ich ne mei nawt a?;eines his streng­;e. Do nu quo­; streng­;e. warschipe suster ■;at te limpet to ■;e ant warne us of his wiheles. for*. [from for to nawiht omitted.] of al his streng­;e ne drede we nawiht. for nis his streng­;e noht wur­; bute hwer se he ifinde­; e­;eliche. ant wake unwarnede of treowe bileaue. ■;e apostle sei­;. Etstont. ■;en feont. ant he fli­; anan riht. schulde we ■;enne fleon him; ?;enis godd ure scheld. ant alle beo­; ure wepnen of his deore grace. ant godd is on*. [on ont.] ure half. ant stont bi us ifehte. ?;ef he schute towart me wi­; weole ant wunne of ■;e world. wi­; este of flesches lustes. of ■;ulliche nesche wepnen ich mahte carien summes weis. ah ne mei me na ■;ing heardes offearen. ne nowcin. ne na wone*. [MS. wode.] falsi min heorte ne wursi mi bileaue towart him ■;at ?;eue­; me alle mine streng­;en. For ba me ah. quo­; mea­;. ant for heart*. [hard.] of nowcin. ant for wone of wunne dreden. ant carien for moni for to muchel heard of wa ■;at he drehe­;. for?;et ure lauerd. ant ma ■;ah for nesche ant for flesches licunge for [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 80b] ?;eme­; ham ofte. bituhhen heard ant nesche. bituhhe wa of ■;is world ant to muche wunne. bituhhe muchel ant lutel is in euch worldlich ■;ing ■;e middel wei ?;uldene. ?;ef we hire halde­; ■;enne gawe sikerliche ne ■;erf us now­;er for dea­; ne for deouel dreden. hwet se beo of heardes ne drede ich nawiht nesches for ne mei na wunne. ne na flesches licunge ne*. [ne of.] licomlich este bringe me ouer ■;e midel of mesure. ant of mete. Riht|wissnesse speke­; nu. Mi suster ha sei­; warschipe ■;e haue­; wit. ant schad bituhhe god. ant uuel. ant wat hwet is in euch ■;ing to cheosen ant to schunien; reade­; us ant leare­; forte ?;eme lutel alle fallinde ■;ing. ant witen warliche ■;eo ■;e schulen ß; lesten. ant sei­; as ha so­; sei­; ■;at ■;urh unweotenesse*. [unwit|nesse.] ne mei ha nawt sunegin. ant tah nis nawt siker of ■;e unwihtes strengde as ■;eo ■;e halt hire wac ■;ah ha beo muche wur­;. ant*. [to.] ure alre ehnen deme­; hire unmihti onont hire seoluen to etstonden wi­; his. turnes ant de­; ase ■;e wise. Mi suster streng­;e is swi­;e bald. ant sei­; ■;at*. [■;at ha.] nawiht heardes ne mei hire offearen. ah ■;ah ha ne trust nawt on hire ahne wepnen; ah de­; o godes grace ant ■;at ich demi riht ant wisdom to donne. Mi ■;ridde suster mea­; speke­; of ■;e middel sti. bituhhe riht ant luft ■;at lut cunnen halden. [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 81a] ant sei­; i nesche ha is bald. ant heard mei hire offearen. ant for ■;i ne ?;elpe­; ha of na sikernesse ant de­; as ■;e wise. Mi meoster is to do riht forte demen ant*. [to don riht ant riht fon ant demen.] ich deme me seolf ■;at ich ■;urh me ne do hit nawt; for al ■;at god is of godd ■;at we her habbe­;. Nu is riht ■;enne ■;at we demen us seolf eauer unmihtie to werien ant to witen us o­;er ei god to halden wi­; ute godes helpe. ■;e rihtwise godd wule ■;at we demen us seolf e­;eliche ant lahe. Ne beo we neauer swucche; for ■;enne deme­; he us muche wur­;. ant gode ant halt for his dehtren. for ■;ah mi forme suster war beo of euch uuel. ant min o­;er strong beo to ?;eines euch nowcin; ant mi ■;ridde mea­;ful in alles cunnes estes; ant ich do riht ant deme. bute we wi­; al ■;is milde beon ant meoke; ant halden us wake. godd mei mid rihte fordemen us of al ■;is ■;urh ure prude. ant for ■;i is riht dom ■;et we al ure god ■;onkin him ane. Wiit ■;e husebonde godes cunestable here­; alle hare sahen ant ■;onke­; god ?;eorne wi­; swi­;e glead heorte of se riche lane as beo­; ■;eos sustren his fowr dehtren ■;at he haue­; ileanet him on helpe forte wite wel ant werien his castel. ant godes deorewur­;e feh. ■;at is biloke ■;rinne. ■;e willesfule husewif halt hire al stille. ant*. [■;a] al ■;at hird ■;at ha wes i wunet to dreaien*. [dreien.] efter hire; turne­; [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 81b] ham treowliliche to wit hare lauerd. ant to ■;eos fowr sustren. Vmben ane stunde speke­; eft warschipe. ant sei­; ich iseo a sonde cumen swide gledd icheret. feier ant freolich ant leofliche aturnet. let him in sei­; wit ?;ef godd wule he bringe­; us gleade tidinges. ant ■;at us were muche neod. for fearlac dea­;es sonde haue­; wi­; his; offearet us swi­;e mid alle. warschipe let him in. ant he gret wit ■;en lauerd. ant al ■;at*. [his.] hird seo­;en. wi­; lahhinde chere. ant ha ?;elde­; him his gretunge. ant beo­; alle ilihtet ant igleadet ham ■;unche­; of his on-sih­;e. for al ■;at hus schine­;. ant schimme­; of his leome. he easke­; ham*. [omitted.] ?;ef ham biluue­; to heren him ane hwile. ?;e quo­; ha rihtwisnesse. wel us biluue­; hit. ant wel is riht ■;at we ■;e li­;eliche lustnin. Hercni­; nu ■;enne he sei­;. ant ?;eornliche understonde­;. [I]ch am mur­;es sonde. ant munegunge*. [munege.] of eche lif. ant liues luue i haten ant cume riht from heouene ■;at ich habbe isehen nu ant ofte ear ■;e blisse ■;at na monnes tunge ne mei of tellen. ■;e iblescede godd iseh ow offruhte. ant sumdel drupnin*. [durcnin.] of ■;at fearlac talde of dea­;. ant of helle. ant sende me to gleadien ow. nawt for ■;i ■;at hit ne beo al so­; ■;at he seide. ant ■;at schulen alle uuele fondin. ant ifinden. Ah ?;e wi­; ■;e fulst of godd ne ■;urue na ■;ing dreden for he sit on [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 82a] heh ■;at is ow on helpe. ant is al wealdent ■;at haue­; ow to witene. A sei­; warschipe welcume liues. luue. ant for ■;e luue of godd seolf ?;ef ■;u eauer sehe him; tele us sumhwet of him. ant of his eche blisse. ?;e iseo­; quod liues luue; Murhdes sonde. Ich habbe isehen him ofte nawt tah alswa as he is; for a?;ein ■;e brihtnesse ant te liht of his leor. ■;e sunne gleam is dosc. ant ■;unche­; aschadewe*. [■;unche­; dosc. ant as aschadewe.]. ant for ■;i ne mahte ich nawt a?;ein ■;e leome of his wlite lokin ne bihalden; bute ■;urh a schene schawere*. [schadewe.] bituhhe me ant him ■;at schilde mine ehnen. Swa ich habbe ofte isehen ■;e*. [him. ■;e.] hali ■;rumnesse*. [or ■;run|nesse.]. feader ant sune. ant hali gast. ■;reo an unto-dealet. ah lutle hwile ich mahte ■;olie ■;e leome. ah summes weis ich mahte bi|halden ure lauerd ihesu crist godes sune ■;at bohte us o rode. Hu he sit blisful*. [wunderful.] on his feader riht half ■;at is al wealdent rixle­; i ■;at eche*. [riche.] lif bute linnunge. se unimete feier; ■;at te engles ne beo­; neauer ful on him to bihalden. ant ?;et ich iseh etscene*. [?;et is e­;sene.] ■;e studen of his wunden. ant hu he schawe­; ham his feader to cu­;en hu he luuede us ant hu he wes buhsum to him ■;e sende him swa to alesen us ant biseche­; him a for moncunnes heale. Efter him ich iseh on heh ouer alle heouenliche ■;e eadi meiden his*. [ant.] moder marie i-nempnet sitten in [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 82b] a trone se swi­;e briht wid ?;immes i-stirret. ant hire wlite se weoleful*. [meinful.]. ■;at euch eor­;lich liht; is ■;eoster ■;e[r] o ?;eines. ■;ear ich iseh as ha bit hire deore wur­;e sune se ?;eornliche. ant se inwardliche for ■;eo ■;at hire serui­;. ant he hire ?;ette­; blideliche al ■;at ha bi seche­;. ■;et liht ■;a ich ne mahte lengre ■;olien*. [na mare of hire i■;olien.]; Ich biseh to ■;e engles ant to ■;e archangles ant to ■;e o­;re; ■;e beo­; buuen ham. iblescede*. [iblesce.] gastes ■;e beo­; a biuore godd ant serui­; him eauer. ant singe­; a unwer?;e­;. Nihe wordes ■;er beo­;. ah*. [ant.] hu ha beo­; i-ordret ant sunderliche isette. ■;e an buue ■;e o­;re. ant euchanes meoster were long to tellen. Se muche murh­;e ich hefde on hare on sih­;e; ■;at ne mahte ich longe hwile elles hwider lokin. Efter ham ich iseh towart te patriarches. ant te prophetes ■;e makied swuch murh­;e ■;at ha aren nu­;e i ■;at ilke lont of blisse ■;at ha hefden of feor igret ear*. [igrei­;et.] on eor­;e ant seo­; nu al ■;at iso­;et. ■;at ha hefden longe ear icwiddet of ure lauerd as he hefde ischawed ham igastelich sih­;e. Ich iseh ■;e apostles poure*. [■;at poure weren.]. ant lah on eor­;e. ifullet ant bi?;oten al of unimete blisse sitten i trones. ant al under hare uet ■;at heh is i ■;e worlde. ?;arowe forte demen i ■;e dei of dome kinges ant keiseres. ant alle cunreadnes*. [cunredes.] of alle cunnes ledenes. [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 83a] Ich biheolt te Martyrs. ant hare unimete murh­;e ■;e ■;oleden her pinen. ant dea­; for ure lauerd. ant liht|liche talden to alles cunnes neowcins. ant eor­;liche tintreohen a?;eines ■;e blisse ■;at godd in hare heorte schawede ham to cumene. Efter ham ich biheolt ■;e cunfessurs hird ■;e liueden igod lif. ant haliche deiden. ■;e schine­; as do­; steorren i■;e eche blissen. ant seo­;*. [iseo­;.] godd in his wlite ■;at haue­; alle teares iwipet of hare ehnen. Ich iseh ■;at schene. ant ■;at brihte ferreden of ■;e eadi meidnes ilikest towart engles. ant feolohlukest wi­; ham blissin ant gleadien. ■;e libbinde iflesche ouerga­; flesches lahe ant ouercume­; cunde ■;e leade­; heouenlich lif in eor­;e as ha wunie­; hare murh­;e. ant hare blisse. ■;e feierlec of hare wlite. ■;e swetnesse of hare song; ne mei na tunge tellen. Alle ha singe­; ■;e*. [from ■;e to singen omit|ted.] ■;er beo­;. Ah hare song ne mahe nane buten heo singen. Se swote smal ham folhe­; hwider se ha wende­;. ■;at me mahte libben aa bi ■;e swot|nesse. hwam se heo biseche­; fore; is sikerliche iborhen. for a?;ein hare bisocnen; godd him seolf arise­; ■;at alle ■;e o­;re halhen*. [he walden.] sittende ihere­;. Swi­;e wel quo­; warschipe like­; us ■;at tu seist. Ah nu ■;u hauest se wel isei­; of euch a*. [euchan to.] setnesse; of ■;e seli sunder-lepes sumhwet sei us nu hwuch blisse is to alle iliche meane; ant liues luue hire ondswere­;. [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 83b] ■;e imeane blisse is seouenfald. leng­;e of lif. wit. ant luue. ant of ■;e luue a gleadunge. wi­;-ute met murie. loft song. ant lihtschipe. ant sikernesse. is ■;e seoue­;e. ■;ah ich ■;is sei­; warschipe sumdel understonde; ■;u most unwreo ■;is witerluker ant openin to ■;eos o­;re. ant hit schal beon sei­; liues luue warschipe as ■;u wilnest. Ha liuie­; ß; in awlite. ■;at is brihtre seoueual­;. ant schenre ■;en ■;e sunne. ant eauer in a streng­;e to don buten euch swinc al ■;at ha wulle­;. ant eauer mare in a steal in al ■;at eauer god is wi­; ute wonunge. wi­; uten euch ■;ing ■;at mahe hearmin*. [hearm.] o­;er eilin. in al ■;at eauer is. softe o­;er swote. ant hare lif is godes sih­;e. ant godes . . . . . *. [a word erased here in MS.] cnawlechunge as ure lauerd seide. ■;at is quod he*. [he sei­;.] eche lif to seon ant cnawen sod godd. ant him ■;at he sende ihesu crist ure lauerd to ure alesnesse ant beo­; for ■;i ilich him i■;e ilke wlite ■;at he is. for ha seo­; him as he is. nebbe to nebbe. Ha beo­; se wise ■;at ha witen alle godes reades. his runes ant his domes*. [godes runes. ant his reades.] ■;e derne beo­;. ant deopre ■;en eni sea dingle. ha seo­; igodd alle ■;ing. ant witen of al ■;at is ant wes ant eauer schal iwurden. hwet hit beo. hwi. ant hwerto ant hwer of hit bigunne*. [biginne.]. Ha luuie­; god wi­; ute met. for ■;at ha understonde­; hu he haue­; bi ham idon ■;urh his muchele godlec ant hwet ha ahen his deorewurde milce to ?;elden. ant euch an luue­; o­;er ase muchel as him seoluen. Se gleade ha beo­; of godd; ■;at al is hare blisse. se muchel [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 84a] ■;at ne mei hit munne na mu­;. ne spealie na speche for ■;i ■;at euchan luue­; o­;er as him seoluen. Euchan haue­; of odres god ase muche murh­;e as of his ahne*. [as him seoluen.]. bi ■;is ?;e mahen seon ant witen. ■;at euchan haue­; sunderlepes ase feole glead|schipes; as ha beod monie alle. ant euch of ■;e ilke gleadschipes is*. [beo­;.] to eauer euch an ase muche gleadunge; as his ahne sunderliche. ?;et ouer al ■;is. hwen euchan luue­; godd mare ■;en him seoluen. ant ■;en alle ■;e odre; mare he gleade­; of godd wi­; uten ei et|lunge*. [ei eilung.] ■;en of his ahne gleadunge. ant of alle ■;e o­;res. Neome­; nu ■;enne ?;eme ?;ef neauer anes heorte ne mei in hire [und]*. [MS. torn.] eruon hire ahne gleadunge sunderliche [iseide. so unim] ete muchel is ■;e*. [■;en.] anlepi blisse. ■;at ha nime­; i[n] hi[re] ■;us monie. ant ■;us muchele. for ■;i seide ure lauerd to ■;eo ■;e him hefden ic|wemet. Intra in gaudium. et cetera. Ga quo­; he in to ■;i lauerdes blisse*. [hus.]. ■;u most al gan ■;rin. ant al beon bigotten ■;rin for in ■;e ne mei hit nanesweis*. [o nane wise.] neomen in. her of ha herie­; godd ant singe­; ß; un werget eauer iliche lusti in ■;is loft songes. as hit iwriten is. Beati qui habitant. et cetera. Eadi beo­; ■;eo lauerd. ■;e i■;in*. [in ■;is.] hus wunie­; ha schulen herien ■;e from [worlde into worlde]. Ha beo­; alle ase li[hte ant as swifte as ■;e sunne] gleam ■;e sc[heot from est into west. ase ■;in] [Bodleian MS. 34 folio 84b] ehe-lid tune­; ant opene­; for hwer se eauer ■;e gast wule ■;e bodi is anan riht wi­; ute lettunge. for ne mei ham na ■;ing a?;eines etstonden. for euch an is al*. [as.] mihti to don al ■;at he wule. ?;e makie to cwakien heouene ba ant eor­;e wi­; his an finger. Sikere ha beo­; of al ■;is of ■;ulli lif. of ■;ulli wit. of ■;ulli luue ant*. [a.] gleadunge ■;rof. ant of ■;ulli blisse. ■;at hit ne me neauer mare lutlin ne wursin. ne neome nan ende. ■;is lutle ich habbe iseid of ■;at ich iseh in heouene ah nower neh ne neh ich al. ne ■;at ?;et ■;at ich [iseh. ne] ne con ich half*. [al.] tellen. Witer|[liche quo­;] warschipe. wel we understonde­; ■;at tu hauest ibeo ■;ear ant so­; hauest iseid trof. efter ■;i sih­;e. ant wel is him ■;at is war. ant bisi­; him hu he mahe beast halden his hus ■;at godes tresor is in a?;eines godes unwine ■;e weorre­; ■;er towart a wi­; un■;eawes. for ■;et. schal bringen him ■;ider as he schal. al ■;is ■;at tu hauest ispeken of an*. [ant.] hundret si­;e mare of blisse buten euch bale*. [wi­; uten balesi­;.] folhin ant ifinden. Quo­; streng­;e hwen hit swa is; hwet mei tweamen us from godd ant hald[en us ■;eonne. ih] am siker ine godd. [■;at ne schal lif ne de­;; ne wa] ne wunne now­;er [to dealen us ant his luue. ah al ■;is] us haue­; igarc*. [Bodl. MS.] [ket ?;Ŕ;f we as treowe tresures wite­; wel his tresor ■;at is bitaht us to halden. as we schulen ful wel under his wengen. Warpe­; ut quo­; warschipe; farlac ure fa. nis nawt riht ■;at an hus halde ■;eos tweien. for ■;er as mur­;es sonde is; ant so­; luue of eche lif. farlac is fleme. nu ut quo­; stren­;e farlac ne schaltu na lengere leuen in ure ende. nu quo­; ich seide for god al ■;at ich seide. ant ■;ah hit muri nere nes na lessere mi tale ■;en wes murh­;es sondes ne unbihefre to ow. ■;ah hit ne beo so licwur­;e ne icweme. Ei­;er of ow haue­; his stunde to speokene. ne nis incker no­;res tale to schunien in his time. ■;u warnest of wa. he telle­; of wunne. muche neod is ■;at me ow ba ?;eornliche hercni. Flute nu farlac ■;ah. hwil liues luue is herinne. ant ■;ole wi­; efne heorte ■;e dom of rihtwisnesse. for ■;u schal[t]. ful bli­;eliche beon under-fon in as ofte as liues luue stinte­;*. [MS. stutte­;.] forto spekene. Nv is wil ■;at husewif al stille. ■;at er wes so willesful. Al ituht efter wittes wissunge ■;at is husebonde. ant Al ■;at hird halt him stille. ■;at wes i-wunet to beon fulitohen ant don efter wil hare lefdi. Ant nawt efter wit; lustne­; nu his lare. ant fonde­; euer euchan efter ■;at him limpe­; to. ■;urh ■;eos twa sonden. ■;at ha i-herd habbe­;. ant ■;at fowr sustren lerden ■;ruppe for euch un■;eawes in?;ong his warde te witene. ant te warden treowliche. ■;vs ah mon te ■;enchen ofte Ant ilome. Ant wi­; ■;ulliche ■;ohtes awec|chen his heorte. ■;e islep of ?;emeles for-?;et hire sawle heale. efter ■;eos twa sonden. From helle sih­;e biseon; to ■;e blisse of heouene. To habben farlac of ■;at an; luue toward ■;at o­;er. ant leaden him ant hinen. ■;at beo­; his limen alle. nawt efter wil ■;e untohe lefdi ant his lust leare­;. ah efter ■;at wit wule ■;at is husebonde tuhten ant teachen ■;at wit ga euer biuore ant teache wil efter him. to al ■;at he dihte­; ant deme­; to donne. ant wi­; ■;e fowr sustren; ■;er fore ■;e fowr heued ■;eawes. War|schipe. Strenc­;e in godd. Ant Me­;. Ant Rihtwisnesse. witen godes treosor ■;at is his ahne sawle. i■;e hus of ■;e bodi; from ■;e ■;eof of helle. ■;ulli ■;oht make­; mon te fleon alle un■;eawes ant ontent his heorte toward ■;e blisse of heouene. ■;at ure lauerd ?;eue us ■;urh his hali milce ■;at wi­; ■;e feder. ant e sune ant e hali gast rixle­; in ■;reo had ß; buten ende. AMEN.Par seinte charite bidde­; a pater noster for iohan ■;at ■;eos boc wrat.Hwa se ■;is writ haue­; ired. Ant crist him haue­; swa isped. Ich bidde par seinte charite. ■;et ?;e bidden ofte for me. Aa pater noster. ant aue marie. ■;et ich mote ■;at lif her drehen. Ant ure lauerd wel icwemen. I Mi ?;uhe­;e ant in min elde. ■;et ich mote ihesu crist mi sawle ?;elden.] AMEN.